A word from the artistic director

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

The Lido becomes the Lido2Paris!

Jean Luc ChopinAfter 75 years and 27 revues, it is now a new chapter for the Lido but the artistic adventure of this mythical place will continue to evolve.


The ambition of this new project is to reconcile Parisians with this famous cabaret, which will remain a cabaret, to keep its DNA of great musical and choreographic shows, to create international musicals with live music, to be part of the Parisian night's festivities, to welcome tourists who come to Paris and parade on this famous avenue of Champs-Elysées. Thanks to Accor and the vision and daring of its CEO Sébastien Bazin, the Lido2Paris will be the highlight of the capital's nights.

To celebrate this cabaret and inaugurate this new direction of the Lido2Paris, I wanted to present the original english version of this famous musical Cabaret created in 1966 on Broadway, in 1968 in London and known worldwide thanks to Bob Fosse's movie with Liza Minnelli (1972).

Cabaret is a kind of immersive theater given that it removes the theatrical fourth wall between the audience and the stage. Therefore, tonight you become the "spect'actors" of the Kit Kat Klub in Berlin in the 1930s.

I asked the famous show director Robert Carsen to lead and co-design that stunning musical.

The people were dozing, fate took care that they did not fall asleep.

F. Hölderlin

Jean-Luc Choplin


The Lido2Paris will close its doors at the end of Cabaret on February 4, 2023 and after important works and a new decoration will open again in December 2023.