Last updated: 07/09/2022

These general terms and conditions of sale are systematically brought to the attention of each purchaser to enable them to place an order. This means that placing an order implies the purchaser accepts these general terms and conditions of sale fully and unconditionally.


Article 1 – General provisions

These general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as "T&Cs") govern the relationship between LIDO, a public limited company with share capital of €94,837,744, whose head office is located at 116bis Avenue des Champs Elysées 75008, registered with the Paris Trade & Companies Register under number 662029057, Intracommunity VAT number FR76 662 029 057 (hereinafter referred to as "LIDO"), represented by its Chief Operating Officer Mr Jean-François Richard as one party, and the customers (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer(s)”) as the other party.

These T&Cs govern bookings and purchase of services with LIDO (hereinafter referred to as "Order(s)") via the e-commerce website accessible at: (hereinafter “the Website"), as well as box office sales at the venue operated by LIDO at the address of its head office (hereinafter “the Venue") and telephone sales managed by CTS EVENTIM FRANCE (Trade & Companies Register of Créteil No. 483 341 103), hereinafter “EVENTIM”.

CTS EVENTIM FRANCE, operator of the Website, is involved herewith as a ticket distributor, acting as a commission agent on behalf of LIDO for shows and/or events (hereinafter
“the Event(s)”) sold on said Website.
Consequently, these T&Cs only concern the distribution of tickets for said Events (hereinafter “the Ticket(s)") and not the Events themselves (i.e. their conduct, organisation, etc.), as the latter take place under the sole responsibility and under the
conditions laid down by LIDO, thus EVENTIM can in no way be held liable in this respect.

Tickets sold are reserved only for Customers, who are defined as consumers within the meaning of the preliminary article of the French Consumer Code.

On the Website, the T&Cs are systematically brought to the attention of each Customer so that they can place an Order. Consequently, placing an Order implies the Customer's unconditional acceptance of these T&Cs and of the provisions specific to certain Events. The Customer’s confirmation of the Order and payment of the Ticket imply their unconditional adherence of the T&Cs, as well as of the Venue’s own rules and regulations.

The T&Cs are systematically brought to the attention of each Customer at the Venue’s box office and by telephone, either by displaying them at said box office and by publishing them on the Website, or by emailing them on request so that the Customer can place an Order. Sales at the box office will be carried out according to the Venue and the opening hours of said box office. Box office opening hours are shown at the Venue. The Customer’s confirmation of their Order and their payment of the Ticket imply their unconditional acceptance of the T&Cs, as well as of the Venue’s own rules and regulations.


LIDO reserves the right to amend the T&Cs and Ticket prices (hereinafter “the Prices”) at any time. In any event, the contractual relationship between LIDO and the Customer is subject to the T&Cs and Prices applicable on the day of the Order.

Tickets sold on the Website are for purchase by private individuals. Professionals should contact EVENTIM at the following address: to place an Order. In any event, these T&Cs will continue to apply.


Article 2 – Ordering tickets

2.1. Right of withdrawal: the Customer is informed in advance that, pursuant to article L221-28-12° of the French Consumer Code, they do not have a right of withdrawal after ordering Tickets for an Event on the Website.

2.2. Ticket Availability: when placing an Order, the Customer is informed in real time of the availability of Tickets on the Website. Depending on availability, the Customer may be offered Tickets which match their preference or are based on what is available at the time of purchase, which may not be places located next to each other.
The Customer is therefore advised to carefully check the seating location and category of the Tickets issued before validating their Order.


2.3. Type of Ticket/Location: The Customer may be offered various types of Tickets, including:

– Tickets corresponding to numbered tables, around which seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis

– Tickets in several categories, with each category corresponding to different areas of the Venue, which may or may not be numbered

2.4. Maximum number of places per Order: the total number of Tickets that the Customer can order may not exceed the number of places allocated by LIDO, all categories included. Unless otherwise specified when placing the Order, this number is 10
 for any given Event.
Consequently, if the Customer would like to purchase more places than the limit determined by LIDO, they are advised to contact EVENTIM at the following address:

2.5. Vouchers: at the request of LIDO, Customers will receive vouchers instead of Tickets for certain Events in order to allow them to access additional services. In this case, unless otherwise stated at the time of the Order, the Tickets and/or additional services must be obtained from the Venue entrance, in exchange for the voucher(s), 30 minutes before the start of the main or additional Event.

Article 3 – Information about the type of Tickets

3.1. Ownership: the Tickets ordered remain LIDO’s property until full and final payment of the price has been received by LIDO, pursuant to the conditions described in Article 6 hereunder.

3.2. Transferability of Tickets

The Customer is reminded that they are required to comply with the provisions of article 313-6-2 of the French Penal Code, under which:
"Is punishable by a fine of €15,000 the act of habitually selling, offering for sale, or displaying for sale or transfer or providing the means for sale or transfer of tickets to a sporting, cultural or commercial event or a live performance, without the authorisation of the producer, organiser, or owner of the operating rights of this event or show. This fine is increased to €30,000 for a persistent offender.

For the purposes of the first sub-paragraph, an admission ticket is considered to be any ticket, document, message, or code, irrespective of its form or medium, attesting to the fact that the right to attend the event or show has been obtained from the producer, organiser, or rights owner

Both the seller and purchaser will be held liable to LIDO if said provisions are not complied with.

3.3. Nominative nature of the Tickets

LIDO may decide to make the Tickets nominative. If this is the case, it will be clearly mentioned on the Website at the time of the Order, and LIDO may verify the Ticket purchaser’s identity according to the conditions set out below.


Article 4 – Verifying the Ticket holder’s identity

In the event that the Ticket purchased on the Website is nominative, LIDO will be entitled to request, when accessing the Event venue, that an official valid photo ID be shown in order to verify the Ticket purchaser’s identity.

If a Customer purchases several nominative Tickets for the same Event, said Customer must be present when all Ticket holders access the Event in order to be able to prove his/her identity under the conditions
 referred to hereinabove.

LIDO may refuse access to the Event if the Ticket purchaser cannot prove their identity and is unable to let LIDO verify that they are indeed the legitimate purchaser of said Ticket.


Article 5 – Order Payment/Confirmation

5.1. Means of payment: all Orders are payable in Euros only. Credit card is the only method of payment authorised on the Website. It enables Customers to reserve Tickets online immediately and securely. Credit cards accepted for Order payment at the box office are Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard and American Express.

5.2. Payment protection: The Website uses a secure payment system called Paybox Services. Paybox Services’ payment platform is certified compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) by VISA and MasterCard. To ensure cardholders’ data is protected when making payments, this certification requires applying very stringent security rules. Certification is granted after an audit verifies that specifications are met, and is reverified every quarter.

5.3. Order confirmation email: the Customer will receive an email confirming that their Order has been placed. However, this email is not confirmation that the Order is definitive, nor is it a commitment by
 LIDO (in particular pending confirmation of Order payment). If the Customer does not receive said Order confirmation email, they are advised to contact EVENTIM at

5.4. Email address: proof of payment and tickets are sent to the email address that the Customer provided when placing the Order.


5.5. Proof of internet transactions: Unless proven otherwise, data recorded by LIDO represents proof of all transactions made by the Customer on the Website.

5.6. Proof of transactions for telephone bookings: Unless proven otherwise, data recorded by EVENTIM represents proof of a telephone booking made by the Customer.

Article 6 – Ticket Prices

6.1. Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices for an Event (face value) are stated in Euros and include all taxes, but exclude administrative and delivery costs as indicated in Article 8 below, and exclude costs related to any additional service(s) ordered by the Customer.


6.2. LIDO reserves the right to adjust Prices at any time and without prior notice, but the Price charged to the Customer will be valid on the day of the Order.


Article 7 – Obtaining Tickets

It has previously been mentioned that LIDO may choose subcontractors to process each of the methods of obtaining Tickets described below.

7.1. Depending on the Event, the Customer may be offered two methods of obtaining Tickets: either the Customer prints a coded electronic ticket (hereinafter referred to as "E-ticket") and/or they pick up the Ticket from the box office.

7.2. E-tickets

7.2.1. This method lets the Customer obtain their Ticket(s) in secure PDF format, within 48 hours of ordering, by accessing their "customer account" (via “My personal space” on the Website). There is one Ticket for each place ordered.

7.2.2. Validity: each E-ticket can be downloaded in PDF format with a barcode giving access to the Event. It is therefore up to the Customer to check whether they are equipped to
print the PDF file, under the conditions described below, before choosing the E-ticket option. To be valid, the E-ticket must: – be printed using an inkjet or laser printer in black and white or in colour on blank (front and back) white A4 paper, without changing the orientation to portrait (vertical) format;
 – be well printed. Tickets that are partially printed, dirty, damaged or illegible will not be accepted and will be deemed invalid. If the print quality is poor, the Customer must reprint them in order to have good quality E-tickets.

Customers should note that, with the exception of the above-mentioned formats, no other formats (electronic, computer, tablet or phone screen, etc.) will be accepted.

7.2.3. Price: this method of obtaining the Ticket is invoiced at €0.65 all taxes included (zero Euros and sixty-five cents including tax) per Ticket.

7.2.4. Validity check: the Customer is informed that E-tickets feature a unique barcode. Their validity is checked and registered using barcode readers upon entry to the venue where the Event takes place. The first person to present the E-ticket is presumed to be the legitimate purchaser or holder of the Ticket and is the only one who will be admitted to the Event. Any other person presenting the same E-ticket will be systematically refused entry to the Event. LIDO is not required to check the identity of the person presenting an E-ticket in order to ensure whether that they are the purchaser or holder of the Ticket, nor is LIDO required to check whether the E-ticket is authentic insofar as a duplicate cannot be identified as a duplicate when checking entry to the Event. Customers are solely responsible for the use made of E-tickets. LIDO cannot be held liable if a Ticket purchaser or holder is refused access to the Event because another person has already entered with the same E-ticket. No refund can be requested.

7.2.5. Generating E-tickets: after placing their Order, Customers may generate and print their E-ticket(s) at any time, 24/7, in the "E-ticket" section accessible via the "My personal space" menu on the Website. As E-tickets can only be generated three times on the Website, Customers are advised to save each PDF file generated onto their hard drive. Concerning this point, Customers should be aware that generating a new E-ticket also generates a new barcode, thereby cancelling the validity of the previous PDF file generated. Customers are therefore advised to ensure that the E-ticket that they or the holder present when accessing the Event corresponds to the most recent PDF file generated. Access will be refused to the holder of said E-ticket if this is not the case.

7.2.6. LIDO accepts no responsibility for any anomalies that may occur when placing an Order, processing, or printing E-tickets, insofar as they were not caused intentionally or as a result of negligence in the event of loss, theft, or unlawful use of the E-ticket.

7.3. Collection from the box office

7.3.1. Whenever possible, EVENTIM will offer Customers the option of collecting their Ticket(s) from the box office of the venue where the Event is taking place. In this case, no later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the Event, the Customer should present themselves at the box office of the venue where the Event is taking place with:
– the Order confirmation email;
– valid ID;
– the credit card used to pay for the Order.
Customers should note that any Order not collected from the box office before the start of the Event cannot be eligible for a claim or refund.

Article 8 – Personal data and image rights

8.1. When a Customer places an Order, LIDO may need to collect certain personal data. This data will be used by LIDO to manage customer relations and in particular to process and track the Customer's Order, as well as in case the Event concerned is postponed or cancelled. LIDO undertakes to keep confidential all personal data provided by the Customer when placing an Order, and to process it in such a way as to ensure appropriate security.

8.2. The Customer is informed that companies contractually bound to LIDO (Event organisers, affiliated websites, partners, etc.) may have access to this data, and that they will also ensure the strictest confidentiality.

8.3. LIDO reserves the right to send Website Customers offers related to Events similar to those for which they have already placed an Order. The Customer may object to use of their contact details whenever such an offer is sent to them by emailing

8.4. The personal data sent to LIDO may be used by the latter to manage its customer relations, and in particular for purposes including but not limited to: (i) all Orders and/or requests from the Customer, (ii) LIDO’s accounting, (iii) invoicing, (iv) following up customer relations after the Order and/or Event
(satisfaction surveys, managing complaints, etc.), (v) implementing loyalty programmes, sponsorship, surveys, product tests, and special offers. Customers are also informed that their personal data may also be
further processed solely for business statistic purposes.


8.5. Pursuant to amended French Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, data files and civil liberties, French Law No. 2018-493 of 20 June 2018 on the protection of personal data, and European regulation 2016 /679 of 27 April 2016, Customers have the right to access, rectify, update, block, delete and oppose, as well as to limit the processing and portability of their personal data collected by EVENTIM. To do this, the Customer must make a request either by letter specifying their full name, address, and if possible their customer reference, to CTS EVENTIM France – Relations client – 27/35 Rue Victor Hugo, or by email to:

Pursuant to prevailing regulations, the letter must be signed and accompanied by the photocopy of an identity document bearing the Customer's signature, and should state the address to which the reply must be sent. An answer will then be sent to the Customer within 2 (two) months of receipt of the request.

Processing of personal information concerning Website users has been declared to the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL, under No. 1546808 v 0.


8.6. Image rights: when an Event is filmed for a recording or a live broadcast, the Customer is informed of this in advance by notices and an audio announcement at the Venue. In such a situation, LIDO is not able to guarantee that images identifying the Customer will not be broadcast, and it cannot accept liability if this were to occur. If the Customer does not wish to appear, they have the option of leaving the Venue before the Event begins, however no refund can be made as a result.


Article 9 – Refunds - Cancellation

9.1. Refunds

An Event Ticket cannot be refunded by LIDO, even if lost or stolen (no duplicates will be issued), nor can it be taken back or exchanged except if the Event is cancelled or postponed in accordance with the conditions stated below.

9.2. Cancellation

9.2.1. If an Event is cancelled, and depending on when LIDO informs the Customer about said Event cancellation, EVENTIM will make its best efforts to notify the Customer firstly on the Website, and secondly by email
 or telephone.

9.2.2. If an Event for which a Customer has placed an Order is cancelled, and except in cases of force majeure (force majeure is defined here as an insurmountable and uncontrollable event, including but not limited to external events or series of events of a climatic, pandemic, bacteriological, military, political or diplomatic nature), Ticket refunds will be made directly by EVENTIM, acting on behalf of LIDO according to the latter’s prior written instructions, within 1 (one) month of the Event cancellation date. If the 1 (one) month period has elapsed, the Customer must send all refund requests directly to LIDO.


9.2.3. EVENTIM undertakes to reimburse the Customer the total ticket price, including VAT, shown on the Ticket(s) (face value), provided that LIDO has put EVENTIM in a position to do so, and that the Customer has returned the corresponding Tickets in accordance with the procedure described hereunder. EVENTIM will not refund or pay for any expenses of any kind whatsoever (in particular, shipping costs, insurance, travel, etc.). Any refund requests by the Customer must be sent, at the latter’s own expense, to: CTS EVENTIM FRANCE, Service Remboursement, 27/35 Rue Victor Hugo,
94200 Ivry sur Seine, enclosing the original Tickets, or in the case of E-tickets, a copy thereof. E-ticket refunds only may be requested by sending an email to, attaching a PDF copy of said E-ticket. Only the Ticket purchaser is entitled to a refund.

9.3. Postponement

If an Event is postponed, the Customer will have the option of either being refunded, or of attending the Event on the rescheduled date.

9.3.1. If the Ticket purchaser requests a refund, this will be treated by EVENTIM as a cancellation, and the conditions stipulated in article 9.2. will apply.

9.3.2. If the purchaser does not ask for a refund, and depending on legal provisions, LIDO will determine whether:

– the Customer may keep the Ticket(s) ordered, which will allow them to attend the Event on the rescheduled date without the need to reissue Tickets;
– the Customer has to obtain a new Ticket to attend the Event on the rescheduled date. In the latter case, the Customer must return to EVENTIM at their own expense the Tickets ordered, and the latter will reissue new Tickets for the postponed Event. EVENTIM will also charge the Customer to send these new Tickets.

Article 10 – Special provisions

10.1. Protection of minors – Minors are allowed to enter the Venue if they are accompanied and supervised by an adult. Customers are reminded that pursuant to article L.3342-1 of the French Public Health Code, no alcoholic beverage may be offered or sold to minors.

10.2. Internal rules of the LIDO Venue

10.2.1. Proper attire and polite behaviour are required at all times and in all areas of the Venue, particularly with regard to employees. Any offender will either be denied access to the Venue or ejected. In such a case, offenders will not be refunded for the Ticket price, and no compensation will be offered. Moreover, LIDO reserves the right to take whatever legal action is deemed appropriate.

10.2.2. It is forbidden to photograph, film or record the Event. Any infringement thereof will be punished by confiscating the device until the end of the Event or by ejecting the Customer without the latter being able to claim a refund or compensation.

Throughout the entire duration of the Event, mobile phones must be switched off or set to “Flight mode” (disabling all network connections including wi-fi, cellular network, bluetooth, GPS and near-field communication (NFC).)

10.2.3. If a Customer leaves an Event, other than during an interval, they will not be able to return. Customers are reminded that the Venue is non-smoking and that it is strictly prohibited to enter with outside food or beverage.

10.2.4. LIDO declines all responsibility in the event of theft and/or loss and/or damage to personal belongings at the Venue.

10.2.5. Pursuant to the French Ministry of Culture’s Directive of 12 December 2015 and the "Reinforced Vigipirate" system, anyone refusing to undergo a security check will not be allowed to enter the Venue.

10.2.6. As part of efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, reinforced health and safety measures may be required, pursuant to the directives of competent authorities. LIDO thereby reserves the right to deny access to the Venue for anyone who fails to comply with these measures.


Article 11 - Intellectual property rights

The Website content and the Venue’s interior design, sets, costumes and any other material and immaterial element participating in the Event are elements protected by copyright, trademark law, or any other intellectual or industrial property privilege. Accordingly, all elements appearing on the Website or during the Event performance and/or broadcast may not be reproduced, used, disseminated, or recorded except in cases expressly authorised by the French Intellectual Property Code and on condition that this does not infringe on the rights of LIDO employees.

Article 12 – Applicable law – Disputes

Only French law governs the contractual relationship between the parties, irrespective of where the Order and/or Event takes place.
In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation or application of these T&Cs, and pursuant to article 46 of the French Code of Civil Procedure, the competent courts are those within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal, notwithstanding, if relevant,
 application of the mandatory provisions of article R.631-3 of the French Consumer Code.