Carte cadeau vignette



For any special occasion (parties, birthday, ...) or simply to please, think of our Gift Card.

Very simple to use by the recipient, since it is enough to add the code and its security key (obtained on the PDF sent during the purchase) as a payment method at the time of finalization of his order. 

It is valid for 18 months, from the date of purchase, for any show playing at LIDO2 PARIS.

Available in 150€, 100€ or 75€.


************************* General Conditions of Sale and Use *******************************

It may not be exchanged for its face value, refunded or replaced (including in the event of loss or theft), or given rise to any compensation or be extended beyond its validity period.

It can be consumed in one or several times. If the first use does not reach the total balance, the card remains available until the expiry date of the gift voucher.

The LIDO2 PARIS declines all responsibility in case of loss or theft of the gift certificate.

This title is not a ticket, it does not give access to the theater.

For any information, you can contact our ticket office